5 Things your guests will appreciate about your event

When hosting your event, the happiness and the comfort of your guests are important. As a host, you get an even more satisfied feeling when you know that your event served its purpose, and that your guests enjoyed it.

Here are some tips to help:

  1. Respect their diet
  2. Give gift ideas
  3. Be an on time host
  4. Preview your direction/address
  5. Eliminate some guess work

Respect their diet
Be considerate of the various diets of your guest. Some people are vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten free, Halal, the list goes on, not to mention food allergies and sensitivities. It would be good to have options that they will enjoy. Instead of guessing, you can gather this information by adding it to your paper or online RSVP. Be sure to reserve their food, so that another guest does not accidentally take it. I've had 3 different occasions where I my requested vegetarian meals were taken by those who did not request vegetarian. Situations like this leave the guest unsatisfied, and the host feeling awful. Try to avoid it.

Give gift ideas
When expecting gifts, sometimes your guests do not know what gifts to get. You can help them out by adding a registry or sharing some things that you like. For instance, letting them know you enjoy drawing, nature, cooking, reading, and so on. This will give your guests an idea of gifts to get you that you would appreciate.

Arrive on time
Either all, some, or none of your guests will show up on time, but as the host it's good to be there early. Consider the awkwardness a guest would feel when they have arrived before the host. Also being at the event on time will give the host time to make sure things are all in order for the event.

Preview your directions and address
It's good to give an exact address so that your guests know where to go. You can even go a step further by plugging in the address into your maps application to see if there is anything strange about the directions or destination. If there are multiple entrances be sure to specify which one the guests can use.

Eliminate some guess work
As much as possible remove, the guess work that your guests have to do. If you think there will be any ambiguity then it may be a good idea to add details to the invite. Common things such as attire, items they should bring, prohibited items based on venue's guidelines. You can even run your invitation idea by some to get their feedback. You'll be able to see ambiguity in your invitation and can realize assumptions that you had made.


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