JustRSVP started from the desire to make event invitations, RSVPs and communication easier. When Reigna and Robert were planning their wedding and reception they sought a way to use technology to make the process easier. Robert, a software engineer,  envisioned it working a specific way for themselves and for their invited guests. After searching online services, he did not find one that would help with tracking, tallying, and communicating the way he wanted. After almost giving up, Reigna suggested he create it.

At that moment the concept JustRSVP was born. Robert worked and developed his paperless invitation & RSVP system. After setting up the RSVP website, they started to put their plan into action.

  1. They sent text messages with a link to the RSVP page.
  2. They printed invitations with their RSVP link that could be mailed or hand delivered.
  3. They used email, and messaging to share the link.

Within days they were able to effortlessly capture 50 RSVPs by simply visiting their site. As their wedding day was approaching they had successfully captured over 180 RSVPs. On one simple webpage they were able to see their attendees and accompanying guests.

Robert and Reigna were also able to email updates to all their guests, and even send thank yous and links to pictures after the event. After the wedding the two decided to open this system for others to use.

Since then, JustRSVP is available to help with managing invitations, and RSVPs for events. It can be entirely paperless or used along with paper invitations. It's simple, efficient, and free.

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