Benefits of Paperless Event Invitations

The use of technology has made our lives easier in many ways, it enables us to view important documents and correspondences right from our computer or smart phone. We don't have to stop there, we can use technology to simplify your event invitations.

For your next event you can consider using entirely paperless invitations or combining it with paper methods. Below are some expected as well as unexpected benefits of using paperless invitations and RSVPs.

  1. Environmentally & Cost Friendly
  2. Procrastinator Friendly
  3. Improves Communication
  4. Can be updated even after being sent
  5. Easy for Guests
  6. Easily gather information

Environmentally & Cost Friendly
By eliminating or reducing your need for paper invites, you help the environment by using less paper. Consider the paper you normally have to acquire. Invitation cards, envelopes, stamps, return envelope, return stamp, etc., By buying a smaller quantity of these, or by not buying them at all, you help the environment and even your wallet.

Procrastinator Friendly
Lets face it, some of our friends, family, and guests may not respond right away to an invitation, they may have even made up their mind, and will be there in the front row, but simply did not submit their RSVP. By doing paperless RSVPs you can quickly send reminders, and when ready they can submit it in just a few clicks, without having to search for papers or mail their correspondence.

Improves Communication
By using online invitations, you have a record of who has RSVPed and their email. You can send updates to the entire group, before your event, and even thank yous after your event. For our wedding, we were able to notify our guests of our live stream.

Can be updated after sent
This is one of the unexpected perks. Let's say you made a mistake or need to change important information? No problem, our online invitaiton maker allows you to edit your invitation and send an email communication if you think enough people will be affected. There is no need to reprint or mail updated invitations.

Easy for guests
Online RSVPs are easy for your guests. They can be submitted with the use of a computer, tablet, or even a smart phone. Your guests can get to your page directly with a link and submit their RSVP. When custom questions are added to the event, you are able to obtain their preferences, or gather needed information about your guests. Online invitation makers also helps the host spend less time designing the invitations while still delivering impressive results.

Easily gather information
Once the guests have submitted their RSVPs, the running totals can be tallied automatically. This information can be viewed in an easy to read format and lets you know how your guests have responded.

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